• "Being on vacation is having nothing to do and having all day to do it" Robert Orben

Biscarrosse Bourg, Biscarrosse Plage, the Great Lakes:

In Biscarrosse you never get bored!

Biscarrosse Bourg

A walk, a trip to the market, an evening at the restaurant to discover the local gastronomy: garbure, Landes salad, Chalosse beef, farm poultry, asparagus, tourtière, Landes pastis, duck breast, duck confit, let your taste buds feast!

Biscarrosse Beach

Less than 10 km away by car or by the cycle tracks.

Biscarrosse les grands lacs

Cazeaux, Sanguinet, Biscarrosse, Parentis.
And its ports: Maguide, Navarosse.

Biscarrosse in May, in June what do I do?

  • A flight in an aircraft: THE AUTOGIRE: flight over the most beautiful sites in the region. The Flight of the Eagles.
  • A cruise on the southern lake of Biscarrosse and on the pond of Cazaux-Sanguinet, with the Compagnie des Lacs.
  • A hike on the walking and heritage discovery circuits, with the Biscarrosse Marche & Découverte Association.
  • A Bisc’Aventure® tree climbing park : 17 routes of increasing difficulty and height: The Giant Catapult, an ejection at 18m high in 2 sec. The Free Jump, a jump with landing in a giant air mattress, like the stuntmen. The Climbing Wall and the Climbing Tree, or how to try the Grimpe challenge. The Big Jump to jump into the void of 15 m, alone in front of yourself.

And also : :

Discovery of the great lakes by canoe / kayak:

3 routes offered:

  • Discovery of the small lake (6 km): Navigate to the small lake and discover the Landes wildlife.
  • Lake Latecoère (6 km): Discover this lake, where the fauna and flora are intact. You can sail on the port.Indian canoe.
  • Discovery of the Great Lakes (18 km): Discover the Great Lakes from the port of Sanguinet, then sail along the small canal to reach the South Lake.

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